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Hosta sieboldiana ELEGANS pictures

Elegans seedlings
Hosta s. Elegans seedlings end May 2003
Elegans seedlings
Seedlings of H.s."Elegans" in pots , end winter 2003
Elegans seedlings

Seed was taken from a labeled plant ( Origin Jo Bogaerts Kampenhout Belgium known for his Hosta) .
As there was no other Hosta near by , the plant was selfed without discussion .
In 1999 I did a first test , but as I brought the seedlings in the cold greenhouse in winter , I had a big loss probably because of heart- or root rot ( fungus) ,
as I could read in the book of Diana Grenfell .
With this information I could do better and perhaps have an answer to my question : Is my Elegans a cross or is it true breeding or what else ?
Some results from the year 2000 test

In general the seedlings resemble the motherplant and there is a good match with the general description of H. s. Elegans .
The best is to have a look at the pictures .
A very small number of very specials can be seen on the Hosta Sporting Pic's on this web-site . Here I want to report on a small number of seedlings ( almost 10%) that I call " floched " ,
definition :
Especially the flower stem is longer with bigger leaves on it than normal , The flowers start opening on top and give a spherical impression when starting,
most important they are mostly pure white with sometimes a green tip on the petals.
The leaves are slightly more rough and support less the sun .

Elegans seedlings
Elegans seedlings
" floched " Hosta
also the Photo in black frame above :

Elegans seedlings
heart- or root rot
Elegans seedlings
Elegans seedlings
A Tiger slug , a Hosta lover
Elegans seedlings