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This small page is waiting for more content. For the moment I'll use it to help and dispatch the visitor and as a TO DO page

Update 03/08 : Specific information has been added on the further development on certain number of crosses .

Update 01/09 : .

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  • color/doubling genetics
    Here you find a text , rather a report , of an experiment on color breeding that I started several years ago .
    The test goes on and the description of the results , mostly by assumption , are mixed up with information coming from other breeder .
    TO DO : add information on new developments

  • pictures

    Update 03/08 : for the moment I'm not interested in breeding for " strains " or "lines " . My concern is to get more information on the genetic content of my hellebores .
    Selfing , inbreeding and selection are the key words
    Pictures of interesting results are added in " family galleries "

    • General information and other crosses .
    • Starting from one plant of color Rose , you can get a surprisingly
      number of other colors .After six years the F2 seedlings still bring a lot of variation
      family gallery of mQM
    • Starting from one plant of color Dark , in this case a Blue Lady
      (Schmieman) a number of other color tones are coming up and
      surprisingly with a segregation for the leaves in the F1 generation
      family gallery of a Blue Lady
    • Starting from one plant of color Yellow , in this case a YVP
      to see the segregation for this color .
      Also a test cross with the Blue Lady , one ugly seedling got the name Heldevil .
      family gallery of the Heldevil
    • A plant with deformed nectaries , my White Lady (mWL) ,gives doubles and has been divided
      The following links bring you to photo collections , (js) means Java script . But don't worry , if you don't have js the galleries give also some information .
      double mWL family(js)
      " splitting images (js) "
TO DO : Give information on the F2 seedlings showing differences in the form and shape of the leaves according to the color
TO DO : Give information on the wild forms I bought