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An experiment , Austin Roses

Red Meidiland Seedlings

Red Meidiland
Cuttings ( probably ) from Rouge Meillandecor , Red Meidiland

Some pictures of an experiment

I must agree that the photos are not of best quality , the problem has to do with the correct fixing of the red pixels.
In fact , I did not find good pic's in Rose books and even not on the Meilland folio
These single flowers ( 5 petals ) are scarlet red with a white center ,
the plant is used as a ground cover , it is a rebloomer .
Observation ; My plants are cuttings ( not oculated )
The flower clusters are smaller and the reflowering is less continuous than written in the books .
seedlings some seedlings of the selfed mother.
The color of the left picture had to be rose or pink

Discussion :

The color of most of the seedlings resemble the mother
some flowers are very dark and others rose ( almost American Pilar ) .
By counting them as "black red " ," red " and " rose" ;
The figures match very good with those of "full random tetraploid segregation"
Other observations :
The plants and the flowers of the "black red " are in general smaller
while the "rose" flowers and plants ( almost climbers) are bigger than the mother .
In general all flowers have a ( white ) center , some are painted and almost all have 5 petals.
The exceptions are mostly observed with the "black red "
For example : one plant with almost black flowers , less than ten petals , well shaped buds and measures at least 2 m.


Austin Roses

Photo above left : r. The Pilgrim
Photo above right :r. G.Jekyll
Photo left : A seedling from an Austin rose

The Pilgrim

Gertrude Jekyll

seedling Heritage x ( Gertrude Jekyll ? ) scent *****


seedling Heritage x (Winchester Cathedral ?? ) scent *
cutting climber

Photo left : An other unknown to me
found on different locations in the region between Brussels and Leuven
Five years old from a cutting , has at least a hight of 2 m.
Is very reblooming and a slow but steady climber
30 cm a year and may become more than 4 m.
( some resemblance with D.Perkins and/or Excelsa )